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Potential Benefits of Sleeping on a Serta Mattress

Gregory Butz

Gregory Butz, who resides on Saratoga Lane in Glenview, IL, has spent nearly three years with Serta in Hoffman Estates as the vice president of marketing. The Glenview, IL resident previously served as the vice president and managing director of Wire Stone in Chicago. In his role with Serta, Gregory Butz is responsible for developing and maintaining agency relationships, such as partnerships with Leo Burnett Worldwide and Zeno Group.

There are a number of reasons to consider sleeping on a Serta mattress, including multiple health benefits. First and foremost, the company’s technology is perfect for addressing back pain, which impacts nearly half of all Americans every year. Serta’s gel memory foam provides full-body support and facilitates proper spinal alignment while sleeping. The result equates to less strain on the back at night, which can mitigate the development of further back complications.

Similarly, sleeping on a Serta mattress can cool a person’s muscles. The gel memory foam not only provides body support, but also includes a cooling agent that transfers heat from the body into the foam. On most nights, this means a cool, comfortable sleeping experience. In some cases, the technology can prevent muscles from overheating and tensing up during sleep.
Finally, a good night’s rest on a Serta mattress can alleviate excessive joint pressure. Again, the company’s carefully-designed gel memory foam has been designed with extreme flexibility in mind. As the mattress adjusts to a person’s body over the course of the night, pressure is distributed throughout the mattress, rather than the individual’s body. Once more, the result is waking up feeling well rested, rather than stiff and in pain.

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